About us

StarDip providing Computer Repair that includes Hardware and Software services for last 25 years, before 7 years computer serices business was the core business, but now its our secondary business. No more marketing to attract more customers, we are focusing on our existing customer, and doing our best to do a Better job

Our Team

Shehnaz Khan
Computer Manager

Farooque Khan
Printing Manager

Mujtaba Khan
ID Photo Manager

Our Team

Waleed Ashfaque
Tech Manager

Abdul Rahman Khan
Business Advisor

Abdul Raheem Khan
Web Developer

Our History


Software Development for Police Department for one of the major city Hyderabad division that includes 44 Police Stattion with in, Three sofwares designed"


Software Development with Baratta Enterprises for IRP, International Regional Plan for North America, includes USA, Canada and Mexico, related with Heavy duty load on the highways.


Own and Managed IT Services for small business, small office and home clients


Printing Services mainly in house solutions, includes composing and printing with large scale print signs and decals installation on vehicles

Our Vision




Our Mission




Our Projects




We are HIRING !

Yes we need professional Photographer, if you are intersted, please send your resume @ info@stardip.com